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Fluex collaborates with over 10 000 influencers from all over the world. Grow your brand with their help!
Why Fluex?
People trust recommendations much more than classic advertising. Collaboration with the right influencers will help you build a strong connection with your audience
All social media in one platform
Create and manage all campaigns on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, TikTok and Twitter in your personal account
Big Data technologies
Our advanced AI analyses tons of information about your audience: from age and location to their hobbies and interests. You can be sure Fluex will pick the most relevant bloggers and celebrities for your audience while considering your goals, budget and niche.
Safe and effective
ONLY trusted bloggers and celebrities! Our advanced machine learning algorithms detect fraud and recommend the most reliable influencers. You are safe with us! Fluex guarantees: your collaboration will lead to the best results
63% of millenials like to seek an expert opinion before purchasing.
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Ideal for those who just wants to try something new
Create and manage up to 5 social campaigns monthly
All features you need to run and analyze your campaigns

Up to 25 social campaigns monthly
Advanced features for scaling your business
Create as many social campaigns as you wish. Only sky is the limit!
You are so special!
Our managers will create, run and analyze your campaigns for you. Just relax and watch your brand growing
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- Hey there! I'm Nicole from Fluex. We are running a campaign for a clothing brand. I noticed you like street wear a lot. I'm sure this brand is a great match for you! Would you like to participate in our campaign and review the clothing brand? Here are our guidelines.
- Hi Nicole! Wow thank you for your message! Sounds amazing! I would love to collaborate with you guys!
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